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After-sale service

From the signing of the contract, we provide customers with comprehensive services such as technical preparation, production and manufacturing, product transportation, unpacking acceptance, accessory supply, on-site installation, performance debugging, personnel training, and so on.

The company solemnly promises that the purification equipment provided by the company ensures advanced technology, reliable quality, performance standards, and timely delivery. And implement regular visits for lifelong service.

Provide timely and accurate technical data.

The company adopts a sales engineer responsibility system, and is equipped with service personnel to ensure that on-site feedback on quality information is replied within 24 hours; To handle on-site quality issues, small matters cannot exceed the day, and major matters cannot exceed the week. The standard of service is whether the user is satisfied.

When the owner deems it necessary, the company leader shall arrive at the site in a timely manner.


service content

Record user information and suggestions in detail

Solve problems reported by users

100% return visit


Service Team

Professional engineers are responsible for answering technical questions raised by customers

Technical representatives and professional maintenance personnel visit customers regularly or irregularly

Establish customer equipment and service archives


Service Commitment

All sold equipment, one year warranty, lifetime maintenance

Provide on-site installation guidance based on customer needs to ensure correct installation of equipment

Operation training to ensure that users have qualified operators

The maintenance service personnel will respond within half an hour after receiving the user's notification

Establish equipment usage files and conduct regular return visits to customers

Quality Assurance
 Innovation is fundamental, quality is life, pragmatism is the purpose, and efficiency is the goal

Service objectives

1. Provide professional services to users with professional concepts, professional technology, professional equipment, and professional processes.

2. Provide users with a "butler style" service. Users only need one phone call, and we will handle other matters.

3. Respond to technical inquiries within 10 minutes.

4. Arrive on site within 48 hours.

Service measures

1. First of all, due diligence: No accountability, first of all service.
The first question responsibility system: who accepts, who implements.
Maintenance responsibility system: whoever serves, who tracks.

2. Establish a complete "three guarantees" internal and external service system to provide lifelong maintenance.

Service Purpose

Give everything I have, do everything I can, adhere to integrity, and provide high-quality, comprehensive, and professional services to users.

Service idea

Touching customers with high-quality products and moving customers with thoughtful service

Establish a high standard, efficient, and standardized service system

Service first, achieving 100% user satisfaction

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