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In daily life, sometimes due to clothing, climate, friction, and other reasons, people often accumulate static electricity in their bodies. When they suddenly touch metal, they will experience a sense of pain from electric shock, and sometimes even cause some psychological stress. "If you temporarily avoid contacting i……
I believe many friends who work in clean rooms understand that it is necessary to wear clean clothes in factories. What are the requirements for staff in clean rooms? In fact, it mainly depends on what industry you work in. If there are high requirements for pharmaceuticals, medical treatment, food, etc., then the requ……
The stainless steel workbench is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and hygienic, corrosion resistant, acid proof, alkali proof, dust proof, and static electricity resistant. It can prevent the breeding of bacteria, and is currently an ideal workbench for common use in various industries. Suitable for testing,……
In the rapidly developing 21st century, anti-static fabrics have become increasingly diverse with the attention paid to the field of anti-static and the widespread use of anti-static work clothes. Most of the so-called high-end anti-static fabrics on the market are imported from abroad. And is it true that domestic fab……
1、The antistatic ultra-clean fabric used in antistatic clothing is commonly referred to as "conductive silk". In fact, this statement is not strict. According t……
Features: The loaded product is relatively light, with few shape restrictions; Synchronizing operation with the production line can achieve product ramping and turning; Using a belt as a carrier and conveyor can achieve stable product delivery with low noise; It can realize long-distance transportation of lightweight m……
Heavy duty shelves, commonly known as crossbeam shelves, are commonly used in warehouses. According to the development of shelves, they are divided into traditional shelves and new types of shelves. Traditional shelves include: layer shelves, layer format shelves, drawer shelves, cabinet shelves, U-shaped shelves, cant……
Assembly line, also known as conveyor belt, is an industrial production method that refers to each production unit only focusing on processing a certain piece of work to improve work efficiency and output. Assembly line is an effective combination of people and machines, which fully reflects equipment and flexibility. ……
The purification shed/clean shed has the advantages of fast installation, low cost, modularization, easy upgrade, and strong scalability. It can be easily spliced and upgraded from a few square meters to hundreds of square meters. The cleanliness can be selected from a configuration of level 10 to 300000, which is suit……
The assembly line is rich in products, and different forms and specifications of industrial assembly line equipment can be selected according to the production needs of different industries.
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