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So these are the requirements for staff in the clean room
Release time:2023-03-22
I believe many friends who work in clean rooms understand that it is necessary to wear clean clothes in factories. What are the requirements for staff in clean rooms? In fact, it mainly depends on what industry you work in. If there are high requirements for pharmaceuticals, medical treatment, food, etc., then the requirements must be very high. Moreover, in general, in electronic factories, if only for the purpose of preventing static electricity and dust, then there are relatively low requirements. Therefore, this is a relative matter, depending on which industry and product you produce.
Clean clothing and wearing procedures for controlling personnel contamination are well known, but the most effective preventive measures are training, retraining, and executing, executing, and re executing operators.

In a clean room, people are an important factor in determining the generation of particulate pollutants. Personnel working in a clean room should fully understand the impact of personal hygiene habits on cleanliness. Ignorants are fearless. Only by clearly knowing the tremendous harm their actions pose to the clean environment and even to drugs can they avoid the pollution they bring.

Requirements for staff in clean rooms

It is not allowed to wear jewelry in clean areas, especially rings with sharp corners or edges, as they may pierce gloves or clothing. Do not wear earrings, necklaces, brooches, and other protruding or hanging accessories.

Personal items, such as cigarettes, wallets, paper towels, paper products, mobile phones, etc., should be stored at a desk or in a locker and should not be brought into the clean room. In a clean room, all clothing pockets can only be empty. These are the most basic requirements for staff in clean rooms. I hope they can help everyone understand the new clean room requirements and solve problems.

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