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Life Tips/Anti static
Release time:2023-03-22
In daily life, sometimes due to clothing, climate, friction, and other reasons, people often accumulate static electricity in their bodies. When they suddenly touch metal, they will experience a sense of pain from electric shock, and sometimes even cause some psychological stress. "If you temporarily avoid contacting iron, you may accumulate more electric charge on your body, and sooner or later you will receive a greater electric shock.".
1. In a house, static electricity may be generated when the carpet rubs against the soles of the shoes, and outside the house, it may also cause electrical charges on the body due to wind. Be careful when touching the iron door when entering or exiting at this time, as your hands may be electrocuted. After repeatedly encountering such situations, the following measures can be taken to avoid electric shock:
When touching the iron door, do not directly touch the iron door with your hand. Instead, use your hand to grasp a string of keys in your pocket in a large area (usually without being electrocuted), and then use the tip of a key to contact the iron door. This way, the electricity on your body will be discharged without being electrocuted.
Principle: The pain caused by electric discharge on the hand is due to high voltage discharge. When the hand suddenly contacts the iron door during the discharge, it is a very small area of contact, resulting in instantaneous high voltage. If you take out the key from your pocket, first hold the key in a large area (a string of keys cannot transmit much electric charge by themselves, so there will be no electric shock at this time), and then use the tip of a key to contact the large conductor. At this time, the contact point of the discharge is not a point on the skin of the hand, but the tip of the key, so the hand will not feel pain (perhaps the key will! - if it has a pain sensation).
2. Electric shock often occurs when getting off the vehicle. It is mainly due to the accumulation of static electricity caused by the friction between the body and the seat when getting off the car, and when closing the door after getting off the car, the hand suddenly touches the iron door, causing an electric shock.
When this situation often occurs, it is best to note that when getting off the car, that is, when rubbing your body against the seat, you should hold the metal door frame in advance, which can discharge the static electricity from your body at any time when the friction generates static electricity, instead of discharging when suddenly touching the iron door after getting off the car.
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