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Heavy duty shelves
Release time:2023-03-24
Heavy duty shelves, commonly known as crossbeam shelves, are commonly used in warehouses. According to the development of shelves, they are divided into traditional shelves and new types of shelves. Traditional shelves include: layer shelves, layer format shelves, drawer shelves, cabinet shelves, U-shaped shelves, cantilever shelves, grills, saddles, gas tank steel cylinder racks, tire dedicated shelves, etc. New types of shelves include: rotary shelves, mobile shelves, shuttle car shelves, fabricated shelves, adjustable shelves, pallet shelves, car entry shelves, high-rise shelves, attic shelves, gravity shelves, screen mounted shelves, and so on. There are many types of shelves, but storage shelves are divided into light storage shelves, medium storage shelves, heavy storage shelves, attic shelves, and so on. It is a common form of storage rack in various storage rack systems in China. Heavy duty shelves are all made of first-class steel, with stable quality. The accessories are connected by hanging pieces, which is convenient for assembly and installation. The beam is adjustable and can be used with various accessories.

Shelf structural characteristics: 
Heavy shelves are assembled by columns, beams, cross braces, slant support and self-locking bolts, which can effectively prevent the shelves from losing stability after the bolts are loose; The cross beam adopts a special cold-rolled P-type closed beam; The structure has the characteristics of simple and reliable, light weight, strong bearing capacity, and low cost; The column clamp is equipped with a specially designed safety pin when connected to the column, which can ensure that the beam will not fall off under the impact of external forces; The laminate is made of internationally made strip shaped laminate, featuring strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement, and low maintenance costs.

Shelf metrics: 
The structure of the rack depends on whether the bending of the section of the rack column can be multiple and uniform. The more evenly symmetrical the structure of the rack, the better. The cross beam of the shelf depends on the hook structure of the cross beam and the way the cross beam is hung to the column: it is better to have more hooks on the cross beam, and the more stressed it is, the better it will be; Hanging the hook of the crossbeam onto the column depends on whether the contact between the hook and the column is tight and consistent. The inner side of the hook must be tight with the side surface of the column without gaps. Only in this way, can the structure remain unchanged and bear good stress and be durable.
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