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Stainless steel table
Release time:2023-03-24
The stainless steel workbench is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and hygienic, corrosion resistant, acid proof, alkali proof, dust proof, and static electricity resistant. It can prevent the breeding of bacteria, and is currently an ideal workbench for common use in various industries. Suitable for testing, maintenance, and product assembly in various industries; Make the factory cleaner, production arrangements easier, and logistics smoother. It can adapt to the constantly improving needs of modern production, comply with human-machine principles, and enable on-site staff to operate in a standard and comfortable manner. It can quickly achieve environmental ideas and creativity. At the same time, it has the characteristics of lightweight, sturdy, and clean and wear-resistant surface.

Features of stainless steel workbench: 
The stainless steel workbench is made of stainless steel, which has special advantages: resistance to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water, and chemical corrosive media such as acid, alkali, and salt. In practical production applications, steel resistant to weak corrosion media is often referred to as stainless steel, while steel resistant to chemical media is referred to as acid resistant steel. Because stainless steel materials are flat, safe, strong, beautiful, durable, acid and alkali resistant, many materials do not have these characteristics. Therefore, the worktable made is suitable for dustproof and anti-corrosion working environments such as laboratories.

Structure of stainless steel workbench: 
① Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, environmental protection, dust prevention, and electrostatic prevention, stainless steel can permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design of structural components.
② The structure is made of stainless steel, mainly made of stainless steel square tubes and stainless steel plates. The foot of the workbench is adjustable up and down using a foot cup to adapt to uneven ground. The table can be paved with anti-static rubber pads to achieve anti-static effect, making it an anti-static stainless steel workbench. Some can be paved with wooden boards to increase the weight of the frame, and then wrapped with wooden boards and edges. Front ventilation is used, and the overall ventilation board is removable. The stainless steel workbench can be equipped with light tubes to achieve lighting effects.
③ Customers can customize their specifications and sizes according to their actual location. They can install lockable drawers, etc. Quality first, and wide range of uses.
④ In addition to lamp holders, sunlight lamps, and drawers, the workbench can also be equipped with sockets and A4 billboards.
⑤ Simple construction, flexible application, and not limited by component shape, station space, and site size; Moreover, the specifications can be customized by customers. There can be drawers, etc., with quality assurance and wide use.
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