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In 1769, the English Josiah· Wedgwood opened the Etlulia Ceramic Factory, where a fine division of labor was implemented. He divided the pottery making process originally completed by one person from beginning to end into dozens of specialized processes, each completed by a dedicated person. In this way, the ori……
Golden Autumn October is a harvest season. The golden autumn in October is rich in fruits. The sound of singing in October is constant, the flowers in October are blooming in a myriad of colors, and the rivers in October are surging and spectacular.
Friends who work in a clean workshop believe that everyone knows that before staff enter the clean room, they must inform the manager and pass basic training. If they are new employees who have not worn clean clothes, they must not know the precautions for clean work clothes. Today, I will understand this article. Ther……
Apple's Force Touch technology can distinguish between tap and deep pressure, allowing users to operate the phone with different forces. This pressure touch technology has been used on the latest MacBook and Apple Watch releases. This technology will trigger the global smartphone market from 2D to 3D, and set off a rev……
The history of mankind has precipitated the wisdom of many ancient people, which is a good wealth for our future generations. Taking transportation equipment as an example, our ancestors in ancient times produced agricultural tools with high rotation drum trucks.
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