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Academicians of the CAE Member used their own experiments to withstand high voltage static electricity of 71000 volts
Release time:2023-03-24
Friends who work in a clean workshop believe that everyone knows that before staff enter the clean room, they must inform the manager and pass basic training. If they are new employees who have not worn clean clothes, they must not know the precautions for clean work clothes. Today, I will understand this article. Therefore, before entering the clean room, employees need to take off their shoes at a prescribed place, place their shoes in a shoe cabinet, put their coats in a wardrobe, and place their personal belongings in a private cabinet. Food cannot be placed in the cabinet. Then, they should wear clean work clothes and enter the clean room. Let's take a look at the precautions for dust-free work clothes shared by Boyou's anti-static engineers: Original title: Academician Liu Shang Jointly Using His Own Body for High Voltage Human Experiment

Liu Shanghe has always been fighting a "ghost". This "ghost" is called static electricity. He let the voltage start from 20000 volts and enter his body. His hair and sweat stood up one by one. He was still staring at the instrument, calmly commanding his assistant, and his colleagues' hearts were raised to their throats.
Such a professor has reached the peak of international electrostatic research.

Fearless of challenges, Liu Shang, a professor from the Academy of Ordnance Engineering, used his own body to complete the human body insurance at a high voltage of 71000 volts, and finally reached the peak of the international electrostatic research field——

He tracks and subdues electrostatic "ghosts"

Expert Biography

Liu Shanghe, an academician of the CAE Member, the founder and pioneer of China's electrostatic safety engineering discipline, the winner of the National Science Conference Award, the Major Contribution Award of the Chinese People's Liberation Army's Professional Technology, the Major Contribution Award of China's Electrostatic Research and Application, and the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, was awarded the National Science Conference Award
Excellent teacher, excellent teacher of the whole army, and representative of the whole army as a model. He was honored with first class merit once, second class merit once, and third class merit twice.

When he returned home at 7:30 pm, Liu Shanghe entered his study as usual. Zhao Xianglian, a wife who is making traditional pasta and persimmon cakes, has long been accustomed to this: "He doesn't know the time, he doesn't even know the time."

After listening to his wife's nagging, Liu Shanghe laughed it off. For him, if there is an indelible symbol in life, it must be passion. Over the past 50 years of scientific research, Liu Shanghe has neglected time and age due to his constant passion in his heart.

As an academician of the CAE Member and the founder and pioneer of the electrostatic safety engineering discipline in China, Liu Shanghe has always been fighting with a "ghost". This "ghost" is called static electricity, which comes and goes without trace, but frequently plays the role of "killer", leading to accidental ignition of electrical ignition devices and flammable and explosive materials
Explosions are overwhelming.

Liu Shanghe was associated with Electrostatics more than 30 years ago. In 1983, Liu Shanghe, who was teaching basic physics at the Academy of Ordnance Engineering, was shocked by a series of tragic casualties caused by static electricity at home and abroad. As a soldier, Liu Shanghe keenly realized: "Only by thoroughly tackling this difficult problem, can we track and subdue the 'ghost' of static electricity
’"In order to truly ensure the safety of weapons and ammunition." That year, Liu Shanghe left the field of semiconductor ion implantation research, which had been struggling for more than 10 years, and embarked on the scientific research path of tracking the "ghost" of static electricity.

How much courage does it take to choose the dangerous and unfamiliar scientific research field of "static electricity and ammunition" when there is no scientific research data, no test equipment, and no understanding of the principles of ammunition? Recalling his choice back then, Liu Shanghe said, "In order to explore unknown areas, I am willing to become a primary school student again."

Having said that, Liu Shanghe will never forget what a difficult time it was: being exposed to excessive doses of harmful gases and radiation for a long time, causing his white blood cell value to drop from a normal 5000 to 2000; Prolonged overwork has caused this tall, 1. 80 meter tall child to weigh
Sharply reduced to 60 kg

After nearly a thousand days and nights of fierce competition, Liu Shanghe finally made his debut in the research on electrostatic hazards: he proposed the use of a combination of physical and chemical methods for material modification technology for the first time in China, reaching the international advanced level in one fell swoop; The paper "Research on Electrostatic Modification of Polymer Materials" was presented at the international academic conference
Experts agree that this research has opened up a new way to prevent electrostatic hazards for humans.

On the basis of a large amount of experimental data, Liu Shanghe proposed the principle of "signal self shielding charge coupling" dynamic potential testing for the first time, and together with his colleagues, successfully developed five instruments such as an electrostatic potential dynamic tester. After repeated theoretical calculations and instrument precision experiments, Liu Shanghe obtained the results
Higher than the value recognized by British and American experts.

How can I prove the scientific nature of my conjecture? It is obviously not possible to rely solely on theoretical calculations, and can animal fur experiments achieve human effects? In order to break through the bottleneck of scientific research as soon as possible, Liu Shanghe boldly proposed to directly conduct high-voltage experiments on the human body, and proposed that he personally complete them.

The experiment proceeded as scheduled. Assistants used special instruments to start the voltage from 20000 volts into Liu Shanghe's body, and his hair and hair stood up one by one. 40000, 50000... has reached the highest value recognized by foreign data. The assistants stopped, but Liu Shanghe did not hesitate to command and order: continue to pressurize. 55000, 60000, 70000... The screen of the electrostatic potential tester shows that the electrostatic voltage on his body has reached 71kV. As Liu Shanghe stared at the instrument and calmly commanded his assistant, his colleagues' hearts were raised to their throats.

This is a moment that can be recorded in history - the first time that humans have measured and verified the extreme value of human electrostatic potential!

The "abnormal ignition" phenomenon of sudden ignition and explosion of ammunition initiating explosive devices during storage and transportation is a difficult problem that has plagued the world military field for decades. The "Research on Theory and Technology of Ammunition Electrostatic Protection" project, chaired by Liu Shanghe, won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award at one stroke. In this way, one after another, Liu Shanghe bravely faced challenges, and one after another, achievements were made. Liu Shanghe also stepped up to the peak of the international electrostatic research field.

"On the way to compete with static electricity, I never thought of giving up." Today, Liu Shanghe led the State Key Laboratory of electromagnetic environmental benefits settled in the Institute of Ordnance Engineering, and constantly headed for a new journey.
"Dongguan Boyou Industry is on the way to prevent static electricity. We never thought of giving up and working hard together. There is no best but better.".
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