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History of conveying equipment
Release time:2023-03-24

The history of mankind has precipitated the wisdom of many ancient people, which is a good wealth for our future generations.

Taking transportation equipment as an example, our ancestors in ancient times produced agricultural tools with high rotation drum trucks.

The drum car belongs to a water lifting machine, and its characteristics are:

1. It is driven by manpower or energy storage.

2. The high rotation drum car is composed of upper and lower wheels, simple cables, brackets, and other components.

3. Half of the lower wheel is buried in the water, and the water elevation can reach ten feet. If two drum trucks cooperate, it can reach twenty feet.

4. The water suction tube is about a foot long and is connected by cables to form a circular chain with a spacing of five inches. The cable chains are made of bamboo.

5. The upper wheel of the high rotation drum car is the driving wheel. Due to different power, the composition of the wheel extraction components has changed. "The upper wheel that is rotated is shaped like a frame and is easy to turn over. Using a person to make a paddle at one end of the wheel shaft, using an ox to make a vertical wheel, such as the method of turning an ox over a car, or using a crutch at both ends of the shaft, such as a person stepping on a car over.".

6. High rotation drum truck is a kind of machinery with the property of conveying chain, which is the prototype of modern bucket elevator and scraper conveyor.

Now let's take a look at the commonly used double speed conveying (double speed pipeline) equipment:

Self flowing conveying system Double speed chain conveyor is mainly used for conveying materials in assembly and processing production lines. Its conveying principle is to use the speed increasing function of double speed chain to make the tooling plate on which the goods are supported run quickly and stop at the corresponding operating position through a stopper; "Or, by responding to instructions, it can fully implement tax release actions and functions such as moving, transferring, and transmitting lines.". Due to the repeated use of the platform used for transporting goods, this machine is rarely used together as a single unit. Instead, it forms a horizontal or vertical circulation system in conjunction with various specialized aircraft, such as jacking and leveling machines, and jacking and indexing machines. It uses a specially made, surface treated extruded aluminum alloy special material as a guide rail, making the gravity conveying system have excellent stability and durability during the conveying process, and is suitable for continuous production of products in large quantities. At the same time, the flexible and diverse design of the gravity conveying system makes it multifunctional.

The gravity conveying system double speed chain assembly line is widely used in various electronic and electrical industries, mechanical and electrical production lines. Commonly used industries include: computer display production lines, computer host production lines, notebook computer assembly lines, air conditioning production lines, television assembly lines, microwave oven assembly lines, printer assembly lines, fax machine assembly lines, audio amplifier production lines, engine assembly lines, and so on.

We would like to thank the wisdom of the ancients for their guidance in making our conveying equipment, assembly lines, and equipment indispensable for modern work, which has obviously improved production efficiency!

Our company specializes in designing - producing - installing - debugging assembly line equipment, conveying equipment, purification shed, clean room, purification workbench (shelf) and other products;

According to your product requirements, space requirements, professional tailor-made for you!

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