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Origin of assembly line
Release time:2023-03-24
In 1769, the English Josiah· Wedgwood opened the Etlulia Ceramic Factory, where a fine division of labor was implemented. He divided the pottery making process originally completed by one person from beginning to end into dozens of specialized processes, each completed by a dedicated person. In this way, the original meaning of "potter" no longer exists, only the existence of clay diggers, clay transporters, soil dressers, and adobe makers, and so on. Ceramic craftsmen have become workers in ceramic workshops, who must work at a fixed pace and obey unified labor management.

Based on the above information, it can be clearly seen that this working method of Wedgwood can already be defined as "assembly line". Another is Henry· Ford invented the assembly line process, which is obviously inaccurate because Henry&Middleot; Ford was born in 1863, more than ninety years later than the era in which Wedgwood lived, almost a century later.
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