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Selection of antistatic clothing and fabrics
Release time:2023-03-24
1、The antistatic ultra-clean fabric used in antistatic clothing is commonly referred to as "conductive silk". In fact, this statement is not strict. According to its own technical characteristics, conductive silk can be divided into anti-static (ESD) fabrics and clean room fabrics,
Only conductive silk fabrics suitable for clean rooms can be considered as anti static and ultra clean fabrics.

2、 What is antistatic fabric? Fabrics that have undergone anti static processing can be called anti static fabrics. The antistatic processing methods for fabrics usually include:
① The fabric is finished with an antistatic finishing agent;
② Fiber grafting modification, blending and interweaving of hydrophilic fibers for the purpose of improving the moisture absorption of fabrics;
③ Blended or woven conductive fibers;

3、 The difference between ultra clean fabric and ordinary antistatic fabric in antistatic clothing.
The mechanism of the first two methods is to improve the moisture regain of the fabric, reduce insulation, and accelerate electrostatic leakage. Therefore, if the processing effect is not durable or significant in a dry environment or after repeated washing, it is usually applied to ordinary clothing fabrics. Only the third method can solve the electrostatic problem of textiles persistently and efficiently, so it is widely used in the production of anti-static work clothes. The fabric is finished with an antistatic finishing agent.
Anti static fabrics can be woven fabrics, such as conductive silk, anti static T/C fabrics, or knitted fabrics, such as anti static knitted glove cloth, anti electric knitted underwear, etc. In addition to meeting the general technical standards for textiles, antistatic fabrics must also have good antistatic properties to meet the production and safety requirements of the product. For technical requirements, please refer to GB12059-89 "Performance of Synthetic Fiber Antistatic Silk Fabrics for Electronic Industry".

4、 The difference between antistatic ultra-clean fabric and ordinary antistatic fabric:
Mainly lies in the concept of "ultra clean". Anti static ultra clean fabrics must simultaneously have the following three characteristics:
① With anti static function: static electricity will absorb dust, and make the adsorbed dust difficult to be blown away in the wind. Therefore, the primary characteristic of antistatic ultra-clean fabrics is their antistatic properties. At the same time, this anti-static performance must be durable, efficient, and not significantly attenuated by daily washing and friction.
② The fabric itself does not generate dust: As it is worn in a clean room, it is required that the fabric cannot become a source of dust in the clean room, which determines that ultra-clean fabrics can only be produced using chemically synthesized long fibers. Natural short fibers such as cotton, hemp, and silk cannot be used in ultra-clean fabrics, although these raw materials can make the fabric more wearable. At the same time, it is required to strictly control the amount of dust generated by the selected chemical fiber filaments. Generally speaking, fully matting polyester filaments are not suitable for weaving antistatic ultra-clean fabrics. Because titanium dioxide, a matting agent added in polyester production, can become a source of pollution.
③ The fabric should have good dust filtering performance: The dust in a clean room mainly comes from the indoor flowing air and the human body moving indoors. When the equipment conditions are determined, improving cleanliness requires controlling the tiny dust generated by the human body within the clothing to a large extent, allowing it to pass through the fabric and enter the air. This is why the so-called fabric has a high dust filtration rate. Improving the dust filtration rate is at the expense of the breathability of the fabric, so knitted fabrics and loosely woven woven woven fabrics are not suitable for clean rooms.
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