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Talking about assembly line
Release time:2023-03-24

Assembly line, also known as conveyor belt, is an industrial production method that refers to each production unit only focusing on processing a certain piece of work to improve work efficiency and output. Assembly line is an effective combination of people and machines, which fully reflects equipment and flexibility. Assembly line has been widely used in enterprise batch production and has become an indispensable necessity.

According to the transportation methods of the assembly line, it can be generally divided into:

Belt flow assembly line, plate chain line, double speed chain, plug-in line, mesh belt line, loop type, suspension line, and roller assembly line. This also includes logistics sorting line, and other components, including traction parts, bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, directional devices, and support components.

Belt assembly line:

Features: The loaded product is relatively light, with few shape restrictions; Synchronizing operation with the production line can achieve product ramping and turning; Using a belt as a carrier and conveyor can achieve stable product delivery with low noise; It can realize long-distance transportation of lightweight materials or products. Various belt materials are selected, such as anti-static, wear-resistant, high-temperature, oil, acid, alkali, and food grade belts;

Plate chain assembly line;

Features: The loaded product is relatively heavy and operates synchronously with the production line, enabling product climbing; The pace of production is not very fast; With the chain plate surface as the carrier, it can achieve stable product delivery.

Roller type assembly line:

Features: A wide range of product types, with few restrictions; When used in conjunction with a stopper, it can achieve continuous, rhythmic operation and accumulation functions of the product; Using a jacking and translation device, it is possible to achieve offline repair or inspection of products without affecting the entire flow
Operation of the waterline.

Differential conveying pipeline:

Features: The differential conveying assembly line adopts double speed chain traction, and the tooling plate can be transported freely. A stopper is used for positioning to make the workpiece move or stop freely. The workpiece can be automatically jacked up at both ends and transitioned laterally. You can also install rotating (90 degrees, 180 degrees), special machines, testing equipment, manipulators, and other devices on or near the wire body.

The entire production process of the assembly line is highly scalable, and multiple stations can be designed and arranged on the line according to product requirements to meet production requirements;
The application of the assembly line itself has saved the production cost of the factory, saved the number of production workers to a certain extent, and realized automated production;
Assembly line equipment is indispensable for modern work, and it is obvious to all that it has improved production efficiency.

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