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Introduction to purification shed/clean shed
Release time:2023-03-24
The purification shed, also known as the clean shed, is a simple clean room that can be quickly constructed and is also a "micro environment";
The purification shed/clean shed has the advantages of fast installation, low cost, modularization, easy upgrade, and strong scalability. It can be easily spliced and upgraded from a few square meters to hundreds of square meters. The cleanliness can be selected from a configuration of level 10 to 300000, which is suitable for quickly creating a space with higher cleanliness in existing ordinary or low cleanliness plants.
Main accessories of purification shed/cleaning shed: main frame materials (stainless steel, industrial aluminum profiles, iron square bucket spray molding), wall materials, electrostatic curtain, FFU, filter, anti-static vertical curtain or tempered sliding door, purification lighting, etc;
Purification shed/cleaning shed is optional; Air shower room, transfer window, buffer room, floor, assembly line, clean workbench, etc;
Purification shed/clean shed accessory configuration; Universal wheel, easy to move, in addition to this and can be reused;

Our years of successful experience and in-depth research have made us an expert in customizing non-standard clean sheds for our customers; Based on your site, we can
Non-standard design of the clean shed; To maximize the personalized needs of your clean shed;

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