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Protection of shareholders and investors' rights and interests

The company continues to strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of shareholders and investors, continuously improve the governance system, strengthen information disclosure management, improve the transparency of information disclosure, and disclose information truthfully, accurately, completely, timely, and fairly. The company actively rewards the majority of shareholders and implements the company's profit distribution plan in strict accordance with relevant regulations.

Guarantee of employee rights and responsibilities

The company implements a scientific and fair salary and welfare management mechanism, and formulates the "Employee Salary and Welfare Management System" to ensure the salary and welfare of the company's employees. The company strengthens the protection of the rights and interests of female employees and occupational health and safety management to promote the comprehensive and healthy development of the company; Strengthen the company's safety management to ensure the personal safety of employees and the safety of the company's property.

Protection of the rights and interests of customers and suppliers

The company actively builds and develops strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers, pays attention to communication and coordination with all relevant parties, jointly builds a platform of trust and cooperation, and effectively fulfills the company's social responsibilities to customers and suppliers. At the same time, the company operates reasonably in strict accordance with social standards such as laws and regulations, ethics, good practices, and proper order, and maintains a transparent cooperative relationship with all stakeholders.

Safe production and environmental protection

In daily management, product development, production and manufacturing, the company always adheres to the green concept of energy conservation and environmental protection as the cornerstone, complies with environmental safety regulations, improves the environmental protection awareness of all employees, and achieves the effective operation of the environmental management system and continuous improvement of environmental performance.

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