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Anti static belt assembly line
  • Anti static belt assembly line
  • Anti static belt assembly line
  • Anti static belt assembly line
  • Anti static belt assembly line
  • Anti static belt assembly line
  • Anti static belt assembly line
Anti static belt assembly line

Name: assembly line/assembly line/conveyor belt
Non standard customization according to your requirements
The assembly line is generally divided into: belt flow assembly line, climbing line, plate chain line, double speed chain, plug-in line, annular line, suspension line, roller assembly line, as well as logistics sorting line, etc; The assembly line is an effective combination of people and machines, fully embodying the flexibility of the equipment. According to the choice of configuration, it can meet the requirements of assembly and transportation. Conveyor lines are indispensable in the mass production of enterprises.


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All our production line conveying equipment can be customized according to customer requirements, specifications, and styles.
Product Introduction:
The line body is roughly divided into:
1. Guide rail: Made of 40 * 60 * 1.5mm aluminum profiles.
2. Rack part: Made of 40 * 40 * 1.2mm aluminum profiles, connected by screws and 40 thickened corner codes, with a spacing of 2.0m/section. M12 adjustable foot cups are installed at the bottom, with an adjustable height of 30mm.
3. Conveying part: Adopt 2mm green PVC belt with a width of 500mm and a height of 750mm from the ground
4. Bracket part: It is made of 1.2 galvanized plate by bending and processing φ 38 stamping roller, with upper idler spacing of 1.2m/piece and lower idler spacing of 2.0m/piece.
5. Workbench plate: Made of 16mm high-quality plywood, with 2mm green electrostatic skin adhered to the surface, and bottom support made of 20 * 40 galvanized flat pass and galvanized triangular plate, with a width of 400mm
6. Storage platform plate: made of 16mm single sided white fireproof plate, supported by 20 * 40 galvanized flat pass, with a width of 600mm
7. Drive part: 2HP Taiwan Wanxin Motor with 1.5KW Idelli frequency converter is used for speed regulation, and the speed is adjustable from 1 to 6 meters.
Document board: It is made of "H" type special aluminum material, configured on both sides, and equipped with an A4 transparent adhesive cover every 1 meter.
9. Lighting part: The lamp holder is made of 20 * 40 galvanized pipe, equipped with T5 single LED lamp with cover, and controlled by independent switch.
10. Trunking socket: Made of 1.0mm galvanized sheet processed and bent, with a spacing of 1m on both sides, equipped with a three-position three-plug universal socket.
11. Air pipe part: It is made of 4-point galvanized pipe, and equipped with a bilateral quick plug with a spacing of 1 meter.
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