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All steel fume hood
  • All steel fume hood
  • All steel fume hood
  • All steel fume hood
  • All steel fume hood
  • All steel fume hood
  • All steel fume hood
All steel fume hood
Product brand: Xinboyou
Product name: All steel fume hood Desktop fume hood Floor ventilation cabinet Stainless steel fume hood
Product model: XBY-S003-10
Product material: all steel
External dimension: "1200 * 850 * 2350MM/1500 * 850 * 2350MM/1800 * 850 * 2350MM


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Product Introduction
General appearance size: 1200 * 850 * 2350MM/1500 * 850 * 2350MM/1800 * 850 * 2350MM
1. Main body: 1.0MM thick galvanized steel plate, epoxy resin powder spraying
2. Lining plate/deflector plate 5MM thick Kangmen special plate
3. Glass door 5MM thick high-quality tempered glass
4. The counterweight is placed on the back and driven by a synchronous wheel
5. Fixed window for increased visibility and wide viewing range
6. Circuit LCD control panel, 10A six-hole socket, circuit breaker, 2.5 square copper core wire for wiring
7. AC220-250/5Hz operating power 72W standby 2W
8. Waterway PP small water cup, single port 7-shaped faucet (optional)
9. Table top 12.7MM thick solid core physical and chemical board
Features The front column of the cabinet is of a split type, making it more functional and usable

Scope of application: Research institutes, precision electronics/optics schools, hospitals, laboratories, factories, etc
Specification requirements: design, production, installation and customization according to your requirements, dimensions and specifications
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