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Goods shelves
Material: cold rolled steel


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Shelf features:

1. The shelf is made of high-quality strip steel, which is flattened, rolled by an automatic mill, punched by a punch, and then cut according to the height specified by the customer.

2. The shelf laminate is made of high-quality cold plates, which are flattened, longitudinally sheared, bent, and welded with reinforcing ribs.

3. After the shelf columns and laminates are processed into semi-finished products, the next process of spraying plastic can be carried out. After completion, it can be packaged and shipped.

4. The rack is an ideal substitute for the simple rack that was originally welded with angle steel and overlaid with wooden boards. The product has the advantages of low cost, safety and reliability, simple assembly and disassembly, and can be used alone.

5. At the same time, we can design and manufacture shelves according to the actual storage space of customers.
6. The heavy-duty rack type uses a common type of rack, which has good retrieval efficiency. The storage density of the fixed rack is relatively low, and the stored items are relatively heavy. Therefore, it must be used in conjunction with pallets and forklifts, so it is also called a pallet type rack. When selecting heavy duty shelves, it is necessary to consider the size, weight, and number of layers of pallets and goods to determine the appropriate support and measurement dimensions. In addition, in order to improve the space utilization rate, the channel width can be reduced, combined with a special stacker track form, to make the storage space vertical, which becomes a narrow roadway type material rack

7. Heavy cross beam rack is assembled by columns, cross beams, cross braces, slant support and self-locking bolts, which can effectively prevent rack instability caused by bolt loosening; The cross beam adopts a special cold-rolled P-type closed beam; The structure has the characteristics of simple and reliable, light weight, strong bearing capacity, and low cost; The column clamp is equipped with a specially designed safety pin when connected to the column, which can ensure that the beam will not fall off under the impact of external forces; The laminate is made of internationally made strip shaped laminate, featuring strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement, and low maintenance costs.

8. Heavy duty shelves are characterized by low cost, safety and reliability, simple and convenient assembly and disassembly; Suitable for manual access, with a standard effective load capacity of more than 500kg per layer. Suitable for manual access to box type goods, or supporting parts boxes and turnover boxes to load scattered heavy goods.

Shelf structure:

Plug in assembly. The laminate is generally a steel laminate that can be adjusted up and down in units of 50mm.

The carrier can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

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