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Why should we do anti-static grounding
Release time:2023-03-24
Friends who work in a clean workshop believe that everyone knows that before staff enter the clean room, they must inform the manager and pass basic training. If they are new employees who have not worn clean clothes, they must not know the precautions for clean work clothes. Today, I will understand this article. Therefore, before entering the clean room, employees need to take off their shoes at a prescribed place, place their shoes in a shoe cabinet, put their coats in a wardrobe, and place their personal belongings in a private cabinet. Food cannot be placed in the cabinet. Then, they should wear clean work clothes and enter the clean room.

Let's take a look at the precautions for dust-free work clothes shared by Boyou's anti-static engineers: Electronic production enterprises are often disturbed by static electricity, which brings great damage to production. The level of awareness of static electricity varies among enterprises. Many enterprises have not taken corresponding electrostatic protection measures, and some enterprises even provide simple human body protection in the workshop, using some cordless wrist straps, "Low quality anti-static products do not have any testing equipment, especially regarding electrostatic grounding. Without good electrostatic grounding, it is difficult to achieve the anti-static effect, which means that there is no way to discharge static electricity. Finally, the static electricity generated by friction in the workshop still stays in the production workshop, endangering the safety of the product at any time. With the popularization of anti-static knowledge,", Nowadays, more and more enterprises have realized the way of electrostatic discharge, and more and more enterprises that produce electronic products require electrostatic grounding. In fact, the national standard for electrostatic protection requires that electronic production enterprises must do electrostatic grounding well, and provide detailed technical parameters for the electrostatic grounding standards of various industries. Doing electrostatic grounding well is the best guarantee for electrostatic protection of each electronic enterprise.
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