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What are the precautions for wearing clean work clothes?
Release time:2023-03-24
Friends who work in a clean workshop believe that everyone knows that before staff enter the clean room, they must inform the manager and pass basic training. If they are new employees who have not worn clean clothes, they must not know the precautions for clean work clothes. Today, I will understand this article. Therefore, before entering the clean room, employees need to take off their shoes at a prescribed place, place their shoes in a shoe cabinet, put their coats in a wardrobe, and place their personal belongings in a private cabinet. Food cannot be placed in the cabinet. Then, they should wear clean work clothes and enter the clean room.
1. It is prohibited to wear dust-free work clothes in flammable and explosive places.

2. It is prohibited to attach or wear any metal objects on dust-free work clothes to reduce the occurrence of static electricity.

3. When wearing dust-free work clothes, they should also be matched with anti-static shoes, and the ground should also be an anti-static floor with a grounding system.

4. Dustless work clothes should be clean, antistatic, and dust-free. After use, use a soft brush or cloth dipped in neutral detergent to wash and wipe, without damaging the fabric fibers.

5. Dust free work clothes should be washed with a neutral detergent. When washing, do not mix them with other clothes. Use a hand wash or a washing machine soft wash procedure to avoid breakage of conductive fibers.

6. After wearing for a period of time, dust free work clothes should be inspected. If the electrostatic performance does not meet the standard requirements, they cannot be used with anti electrostatic performance.

7. The outer garment should completely cover the inner garment. The split top should be sufficient to cover the waist of the pants and should not reveal the waist when bending.

8. When wearing dust free work clothes in places with fire and explosion hazards, they must be worn together with anti static shoes specified in relevant national standards. Please remember these precautions for dust free work clothes. Therefore, at this time, it is particularly important to purchase suitable dust-free work clothes and supporting equipment.

Have you understood all the precautions for dust free work clothes? After learning the above 8 precautions for dust free work clothes, let's take a look at its production and performance: Boyou's dust free work clothes are made of special antistatic and clean fabric. With high efficiency, permanent anti-static and dustproof performance, thin and smooth, and clear texture characteristics, high-quality dust-free work clothes are customized. Choose Bo You to create safe and high-quality dust-free work clothes for you, making you more confident.

Don't forget your original intention, and you will always be there. The original intention and mission of Boyou's electrostatic family is to seek happiness for the industry that needs to solve electrostatic and dust-free problems, and seek development for Jinghua. Firmly rooted in this original intention and mission is the fundamental driving force for the continuous progress and development of Bo Youren.
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