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What should I pay attention to when making clean clothes in autumn and winter
Release time:2023-03-24
Not only autumn and winter clean clothes, but also double layer clean clothes can be designed according to your requirements in terms of style. If you need a higher grade, you should pay more attention to the selection of fabrics, and you can choose cotton fabrics to customize. Clean clothing should be suitable for the working environment of the staff. When customizing work clothes, it is necessary to use different fabrics and different designs according to the different working environments of the staff, and select the fabrics that are suitable for your needs. Only work clothes that are suitable for the working environment of the staff are the most suitable.

1. When customizing clean clothes in the autumn and winter seasons, it is necessary to choose a suitable style for yourself.
2. "Choosing the fabrics required for autumn and winter clean clothes is generally recommended, such as thickened gauze cards and work clothes. These types of fabrics are bright in color and moderate in thickness, making them ideal for making autumn and winter clean clothes and thickened double layer work clothes. Speaking of autumn and winter double layer clean clothes, adding a layer of lining to the original style.".
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