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COVID-19 protection
Release time:2023-03-24

At present, the spread of the epidemic abroad has not been effectively curbed. Clustered outbreaks have occurred in individual regions of China, and the COVID-19 is still very uncertain.
The epidemic prevention and control in Hubei Province has shifted from acute and unconventional prevention and control to normalized prevention and control, but this does not mean that prevention and control measures can be relaxed and rested, so people still need to do enough daily protection. When going out, it is necessary to wear disposable protective masks. Our newly launched disposable masks have three layers of protection that effectively block dust and odor, and are of fine workmanship. They are the same type as hospitals, with bacterial filtration greater than or equal to 95%, and are suitable for daily protection. Relaxed and comfortable without pressure, the new model fits the face better, without binding feeling, effectively blocking pollution!

Our company specializes in designing - producing - installing - debugging assembly line equipment, conveying equipment, purification shed, clean room, purification workbench (shelf) and other products;

According to your product requirements, space requirements, professional tailor-made for you!

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