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COVID-19 protection
Release time:2023-03-24

With regard to the pneumonia epidemic caused by novel coronavirus, we must do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure everyone's safety. Due to the instability of the epidemic situation, people need to pay special attention to contact. In addition, the express industry is now developed, and there are more things to contact. When you contact unfamiliar things in daily life, please wear disposable nitrile protective gloves before touching the express or other items to effectively protect against novel coronavirus infection.

Disposable nitrile gloves are a chemical synthetic material made from acrylonitrile and butadiene through special processing and formulation improvements. Their breathability and comfort are close to those of latex gloves, and they do not produce any skin allergies. Ding Qing gloves have been developed in recent years. During production, after cleaning, they can reach Grade 100 and Grade 1000. Suitable for daily protection, electronics industry, microelectronics, precision components, biomedicine, dust-free purification workshops, semiconductor industry, LCD industry, etc.

Our company specializes in designing - producing - installing - debugging assembly line equipment, conveying equipment, purification shed, clean room, purification workbench (shelf) and other products;

According to your product requirements, space requirements, professional tailor-made for you!

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