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Class 100 purification shed/Class 100 cleaning shed
Release time:2023-03-24

Definition of 100 level purification shed/100 level purification shed;
A 100 level purification shed refers to a clean space within the 100 level purification shed area that has a static detection level of 100.


Manufacturing requirements for 100 level purification shed;
Stainless steel and purified aluminum materials are still preferred for the main frame, and anti-static mesh curtains or plexiglass are used for the wall.

The working principle of the 100 level purification shed/clean shed;
The FFU fan filter screen unit undergoes the first filtration of fresh air inhaled by the primary efficiency filter, and then undergoes the second filtration of 99.99% 0.5UM by the high-efficiency filter. After that, the entire air outlet surface is sent out to the clean shed at a uniform speed of 0.45M/s ± 20%, making the clean air flow in a vertical one-way flow, thereby ensuring the required cleanliness in the work area to achieve the required purification level;

Characteristics of a 100 level purification shed;
Fast installation, low cost, modular, easy to upgrade, strong scalability, and easy to splice and upgrade from a few square meters to hundreds of square meters: from level 10 to 100000, it is configured on demand, suitable for quickly creating a space with higher cleanliness in existing ordinary or low cleanliness plants. Universal wheels can also be configured for easy movement, in addition to being reusable;

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