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Clean room
Release time:2023-03-24

A clean room is also called a clean room. It refers to a specially designed room that removes pollutants such as particulates, harmful air, and bacteria from the air within a certain space range, and controls indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow velocity, airflow distribution, noise, vibration, lighting, and static electricity within a certain demand range.
Widely used in high-tech fields such as the electronics industry, optical instruments, semiconductors, microelectronics, photoelectric technology, bioengineering, medicine and health, fine chemicals, and food industries, providing a clean production environment of between 100000 and 300000 levels.

Purification principle:
Air flow → primary air treatment → air conditioning → medium efficiency air treatment → fan pressurized air supply → purification of air supply ducts → efficient air supply outlets → clean rooms → removal of dust (dust, bacteria, etc.) → return air lanes → treated fresh air flow → primary efficiency air treatment. (Repeat the above process to achieve the purification purpose.)


Temperature and relative humidity:

The temperature and relative humidity of the clean room (area) should be compatible with the pharmaceutical production process. If there are no special requirements, the temperature should be controlled at 18~26 ℃ and the relative humidity should be controlled at 45% - 65% (RH).

Differential pressure:

1. The clean room must maintain a certain positive pressure, which can be achieved by making the supply air volume greater than the exhaust air volume, and should have a device to indicate the pressure difference.

2. The static pressure difference between adjacent rooms with different air cleanliness levels should be greater than 5 Pa, and the static pressure difference between the clean room (area) and the outdoor atmosphere should be greater than 10 Pa, and there should be devices to indicate the pressure difference.

3. The pressure difference is also different for special industries, such as pharmaceuticals, the production of certain steroid drugs, penicillin type highly sensitized drugs, and any production process that considers pathogenic microorganisms, the operating room and its adjacent rooms or areas must maintain a relative negative pressure.

Noise: ≤ 65dB (A).

Fresh air supplement amount: 20% - 30% of the total air supply volume;

Standards for each level of clean room:

A clean room/clean room is a workshop that can maintain the cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure, and other performance characteristics previously set regardless of external air conditions.

The main function of a clean room is to control the cleanliness, temperature, and humidity of the atmosphere to which specified products are exposed, so that products can be produced and manufactured in a good environmental space, which we call a clean room/clean room.

Our company specializes in designing - producing - installing - debugging assembly line equipment, conveying equipment, purification shed, clean room, purification workbench (shelf) and other products;

According to your product requirements, space requirements, professional tailor-made for you!

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