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2020 Boyou Technology Commencement Declaration: Seize the day, live up to Shaohua!
Release time:2023-03-24
Between heaven and earth in life, if a fleeting moment passes. Ten thousand years is too long. May you and I work together, seize the day and night, and live up to our youth!

At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. 2019 has passed in a blink of an eye, ushering in 2020, which is full of opportunities and challenges. Our life has turned a new page!
Faced with the severe market challenges in 2019, Boyou Industry has overcome difficulties by relying on excellent technology and high-quality product quality, providing customers with first-class products
And services. The times are changing, the needs are changing, and the market is also changing. The corporate mission undertaken by Boyou is even more arduous; Because of experiencing wind and rain, the footprints are particularly profound;
The scenery is particularly magnificent because you have traversed rough seas. The development epic written in struggle and hard work deserves the most beautiful praise.

In the past year, we often saw you write down the chubby "I'm too difficult.".

hard? of course. "From the mountain to the half slope, from the boat to the midstream, the wind and tide surge, the clouds are high and the waves are swift, which step is not difficult.".
As the old saying goes, nothing is easy, nothing is difficult, and an open mind shows solidity. "The more difficult it is, the more courageous it becomes. The more difficult it is, the more decisive it becomes.". The more difficult and dangerous it is to work with one heart and one mind
As we move forward, there are only wonderful spells in this world, and there is no resplendence waiting for us. Boyou never stops. Boyou will meet difficulties by practicing quality improvement and serve consumers
Create and provide more high-quality projects!

In 2020, let's seize the day and not lose the youth!

Our company specializes in designing - producing - installing - debugging assembly line equipment, conveying equipment, purification shed, clean room, purification workbench (shelf) and other products;

According to your product requirements, space requirements, professional tailor-made for you!

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